Hello, gang. For the next few weeks, I’ll be going on a hiatus from the comic in order to tend to my health and also get some much-needed vacation. During that time, I’ll be posting high-resolution close-ups of select panels from some of my favorite strips from the past three years, five days a week. I’ll also be using part of that hiatus to prepare for the grand finale of our story.

That’s right — Masked Manor will be coming to a close in just a few months. If you happened to listen to my Tall Tale Radio interview with Tom Racine and Kris Straub back in January, you’ll remember that I mentioned the future ending of Masked Manor, and that I felt that three seasons was a good, round number.

I’ve been extremely grateful for the fans I’ve gained during the past three-plus years, so that’s why I wanted to end this comic properly rather than just quit. I want to do justice to these characters… and to all of you. So, thanks for joining me on this ride, and I hope to create a satisfying ending for you all. Before I get to that ending, though, I need a little break.

Hope you enjoy the retrospective! See you all soon.


  1. ronin1337

    Awww, I always get a bit sad when stories I like end :( . But I know that you’ll give us an awesome ending, so I have no worries :) . I wonder, do you have plans for example… a future project? Anyway, have a good vacation!

  2. Maymer

    It’s hard to believe it’s been three YEARS…I’m gonna miss this comic. You better let us know if you plan on making a different series so we can follow you there :D

  3. evanyeti

    Sad that it’s ending but excited to see the big finale!

  4. MrCold

    I just re-read your FAQ, and you say that the name “Masked Manor” was supposed to make sense since the beginning but you decided to tell the “origin story” first. The manor has only just become masked, which implies the origin story is only now coming to an end.
    Does that mean you changed your mind about having more stories in that setting?

    • Ruben

      @MrCold: I may return to tell more stories in the Masked Manor setting at some point. You’ll see how things are left at the end of the series. I discussed the ending and the possibility of doing more on an episode of Tall Tale Radio earlier this year: http://www.talltaleradio.com/episode-158-ruben-moreno-and-kris-straub/

      For now, though, I’m looking forward to getting some rest. ;-)

      • MrCold

        Well-deserved. ;)

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