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What do monster movies, muscle cars, mythology, mysterious master plans and the fictional country of Medsylvakia have in common?

They all play a part in Masked Manor, the ongoing tale of an incredibly unlucky vampire, his struggle to defend a besieged family estate, and the allies and enemies he meets along the way. The strip is a tongue-in-cheek jaunt into the realms of Gothic horror, preposterous shenanigans, magical artifacts, cool cars and pop culture at large.

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Boris Brandenblood
Born into a wealthy but unlucky bloodline, Boris lives in an impressive but slowly disintegrating castle in the Medsylvakian countryside. For a 500-year-old vampire, he doesn't have a very good command of the vampiric arts, and he's been known to make some foolish choices. But when ominous forces threaten Brandenblood Manor, even the most irresponsible vampire can step up his game. It doesn't hurt to drive a mighty mean muscle car, either. Favorite Band: Rush. Favorite Car: Medsyl Motors 900 Special (a very batty rebuilt 1970 Dodge Charger).
Grimm Tannenbone the 13th
Privileged, pompous, and a total pain, Grimm delights in the suffering of others. Wherever there is misfortune, Grimm and his sidearm Sickle are not far behind. Grimm and Boris share a common past, the details of which are known to only a few. Surely some weakness must lie beneath that foreboding hood, but what it may be is a closely guarded secret. Favorite Drink: Red Rotten Appletini. Hobbies: Gambling, Oneupmanship, Extortion, Reaping of Souls, Golf.
Franklin Loom
A long-time friend of Boris, Franklin is both a liability and a... well, okay, he's just a liability. But he's a lovable one. He has a terrible sweet tooth, and an equally terrible addiction to movie marathons. He's not much of a critic, though. He'd just as soon defend Howard the Duck as he would Citizen Kane. But at least his heart's in the right place... and that's usually what counts. Favorite Movie Character: Any Jedi. Favorite Food: Yes, please.
Megara "Meg" Wyrmwick
Is Meg a hopeless kleptomaniac, or just the victim of a series of malicious framings? Either way, she's nobody's fool. With more street smarts than most of her cohorts, Meg might get into more trouble than she'd like, but she usually manages to extricate herself with considerable finesse -- quite a feat, considering that Meg's witchy powers come with more than their share of caveats. Favorite Band: Muse. Hobbies: Comic Books, The Arcane Arts, Ancient Lore, Road Trips, Sudoku.
Several thousand years ago, Immie used to be an architect in the service of the Pharaoh. Nowadays he's just a disgruntled ex-planner, haunted by a woman who appears to be his long-lost love. Despite his problems, Immie is one of the few people who can claim to have more experience than Boris. This makes him the perfect advisor -- if you don't mind taking advice from a dead guy who's been fired from his job over 5,000 times. Favorite Movie: Stargate. ("Dude. So inaccurate.") Hobbies: Sarcasm, Poetry, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Jenga.
Tari's origins are a closely guarded secret, but the enigmatic magic user has been seen in both ancient Egypt (where she maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with Immie) and modern Medsylvakia (in the company of a strangely behaving Belizariuus). While her true allegiance and identity remain shrouded, one thing is clear: Tari's powers of perception border on the truly uncanny. Favorite Car: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Areas of Study: Abjuration, Evocation, Metamagic.
After being imprisoned for millennia in an enchanted urn of immense insulating power, Set, the ancient Egyptian God of Chaos, has broken free. Back during his heyday in Egypt, Set came to be known for his cruelty, fickleness, and insanity, attracting an especially intense level of hatred from followers of his main enemy, Horus. How exactly Set came to be confined during that time is a mystery -- and what his aims may be in the present day, few can say. Reported Powers: Possession, Storm Magic, Illusion, Teleportation.
The cursed gypsy Mesmerelda maintains a shop in New Medsyl Village where she sells a host of magical antiquities, rare artifacts, arcane literature and miscellaneous tchotchkes. Although she has been known to deal with a wide array of unsavory characters, her long-time friendship with Meg just as often puts her on the side of good... as long as there's money involved. Favorite Book: Think and Grow Rich. Hobbies: Bargain Hunting, Jewelcrafting, Scrying, Photosynthesis.
Ghostly royalty or enchanted artwork? No one who visits the manor is entirely sure, but one thing is certain: Bentley always keeps his eyes peeled, which makes him the perfect spy and accomplice. Favorite Song: Somebody's Watching Me. Hobbies: Movie Marathons with Franklin, Reading Shakespeare, Contemplative Introspection, Espionage, Historical Reenactments, Waiting.
Lenny Wilkolak
Lenny and Boris go way back, sharing not only an enthusiasm for horsepower but also a disdain for authority that has landed them in more than their fair share of trouble. Crude, crass, rabid, rough around the edges and always on the run from the law, Lenny nevertheless has no shortage of heart... and happens to have quite a way with the ladies. At least, that's what he'll tell you if you ask. Favorite Bands: Coheed and Cambria, Animals as Leaders. Favorite Car: Medsyl Motors Manta-V (a heavily modded 1970 Corvette Stingray).
Formerly Flavius Belisarius, a highly decorated Byzantine general, Belizariuus now serves as the ultimate arbiter in the hellish and aptly named Pit of Belizariuus, where supernatural beings and magic users are judged and sentenced for their crimes. Bel has made more than a handful of enemies during his long term as Pit Lord, ranging from pirates and thieves to heads of state and malevolent deities. Favorite Band: Iron Maiden. Hobbies: Strategy Games, Drinking Games, Guitar Hero, Grandstanding.